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Low mood, depression and lack of energy happen to everyone. If you notice that stress greatly affects
your well-being and health, you have problems with memory, concentration or falling asleep, IT IS
WORTH SUPPORTING YOUR BODY by using the natural dietary supplement Solunetic™.


100% natural ingredients

Triptiline SsRi™ - increases the level of dopamine and serotonin in the central nervous system, resulting in
an improvement of the mood. It helps to calm down and quickly relieves bad temper.
Ginseng - has a positive effect on the whole body. It has adaptogenic properties and contributes to
improving well-being and increasing resistance to stress. It improves memory and mental performance. It
eliminates the feeling of constant fatigue, adds energy.
Inositol is a modulator of the nervous system that inhibits the reuptake of serotonin, thereby increasing its
concentration. It helps in calming down and calming down. It also reduces other troublesome ailments,
such as mood swings.
Ashwagandha - helps to reduce stress and relax. It contributes to maintaining proper memory and
concentration. It supports the vitality of the body.


83% of the surveyed people completely freed themselves from tension and reduced stress.

Half of the subjects answered that they suffer from insomnia, while after taking the Solunetic™
supplement, each of these people showed significant improvement. 100% of the respondents
indicated increased motivation, and 77% observed better concentration, learning and remembering

Do not worry! We have a way.

Why is Solunetic™ so special?

The Solunetic™ dietary supplement was created especially for people who struggle with stress and
stress related problems. Solunetic™ is made of 100% natural ingredients, without unnecessary fillers,
preservatives and artificial additives. The Solunetic™ dietary supplement quickly improves mood and
general well-being, and its effects are confirmed by numerous consumer and clinical studies in the
accredited JS Hamilton laboratory.

I choose Solunetic™

Everything you want to know

about the Solunetic™ dietary supplement

Has Solunetic™ been tested?

The Solunetic™ supplement, which is manufactured in GMP, GHP and HACCP standards, has been
tested in the accredited JS Hamilton laboratory.

Who is the supplement intended for?

The product is intended for both women and men.

Can pregnant women take the supplement?

Not recommended for children and pregnant women.

How to use Solunetic?

The supplement should be taken 1 capsule once a day, preferably before bedtime, with plenty of water.

When will I start to feel the effect of the supplement?

The effect of the supplement will be felt 30 minutes after taking the capsule.

How long can i use the supplement?

The supplement can be used for 3 months without interruption.

What precautions should be taken when using the supplement?

Solunetic™ cannot be used by people who are allergic to any component of the supplement. Do not exceed the recomended daily intake. The dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

Po 2 dniach odczułam znaczącą poprawę samopoczucia. Więcej energii, łatwiej się skupić. Sen mocniejszy, czuje się bardziej wypoczętą. Polecam.


I recommend to everyone. Very good quality, great effects

Peggie A.

Great product that does its job. I feel better after a month of use. I have more energy

Harry A.

The product was returned because I couldn't pick it up.


Das Produkt enthält Vitamine, die zur Aufrechterhaltung des Wohlbefindens notwendig sind